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PRIME Corporate Services takes their business to the NEXT level

PRIME Corporate Services (PRIME) is a rapidly growing financial services company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. PRIME offers business formation advisory, accounting and tax, and financial planning services to small businesses and entrepreneurs around the country. They employ a team of experts in each field to provide comprehensive client support for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, and leverage partner relationships to build their client base.


PRIME called on NEXT to help them optimize their already successful business, reaching more potential clients, increasing conversion rates, and growing their book of business.


We assembled a team to assess PRIME’s existing marketing efforts and implement strategies for growth and optimization. The team included leadership executives for tactical strategy and oversight, MarTech and SEO experts, reporting and analytics specialists, financial writers, and project management specialists. NEXT leadership also reached outside the organization to identify a strategic partner to help with branding. 


Our team of fractional executives reviewed every aspect of PRIME’s digital marketing strategy—from the website to email campaigns, social media, and partnership relationships. Working seamlessly with the PRIME team, we established a Book of Business (BOB), optimized Google Analytics by implementing appointment tracking, leveraged the Google Optimize functionality to conduct split tests, and overhauled the website and email campaigns.


Conversions and a KPI Anomaly

By dialing in with targeted analytics with the BOB, we were able to analyze visits, bookings, and types of sales for each PRIME partner on a weekly basis. Drilling into the data and testing different versions of the site’s landing pages,  we quickly noticed a KPI anomaly.  Most of the landing pages contained a marketing video that PRIME had been using for some time, but a small number of our test pages did not use the video. Although we expected the video to increase conversion rates, we found the exact opposite—customers who saw the landing pages without the video converted at a 39% higher rate.  


We took this information and dove into a more detailed test campaign, testing variants with and without video as well as different combinations of verbiage, layout, and graphics. Our testing brought us to an optimized landing page that generates a 5-8 point increase in scheduled appointments without any change in site traffic. This translates to 40-50 consulting appointments booked per week for PRIME with no additional expenses.

Website Performance and SEO Deep Dive

NEXT SEO experts audited the entire site to assess and optimize for upcoming Google changes. We implemented a hosting move to increase performance and position the site to meet Google standards now and in the future. In addition, we created a Technical SEO Tracker, created an SEO growth strategy with page optimization analysis, and completed a keyword analysis review.  In conjunction with the SEO review, we also audited the entire site to ensure consistent messaging and add relevant content. On an ongoing basis, our content specialists are providing content on a weekly basis to increase reader engagement and SEO performance. 


Our partnership has been pivotal in guiding PRIME Corporate Services through the development of their own skilled internal team, actively participating in the transition to ensure a seamless handover of digital marketing functions. As we continue to collaborate with PRIME, our role has evolved to providing strategic support on specialized projects. Our bond with PRIME Corporate Services remains strong, characterized by our ongoing commitment to their success and a shared vision for the future.