Next Fractional QR codeBuilding a tool that allows customers to self-steer and purchase services online brings big revenue gains for NEXT partners 

A few months ago, we wrote about our successful execution of a microsite retail strategy for a major international telecom brand. Today, we’d like to drill down and focus on a small but powerful piece of that overall strategy, examining the way NEXT can create flexible technology solutions for specific needs and adapt them for new clients and new uses. In the case of the telecom microsite strategy, our MarTech team developed an AI-enabled QR Scheduler to generate sales after hours or when no agent is available. This QR Scheduler has proven to be a powerful tool in the overall marketing strategy. 

As the business world adapts to a post-pandemic reality of labor force shortages and changes in consumer habits, NEXT is ready to provide the tools your business needs to ensure consistent robust sales. 


You’ve surely seen those funny little combinations of black and white squares all around you, and if you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve probably used a QR code recently. From restaurant menus to billboards to that Coinbase Superbowl commercial that crashed the company’s app, QR codes are quickly becoming a standard part of any reasonably tech-savvy person’s life.

QR stands for Quick Response, and a QR code is a type of matrix bar code invented by a Japanese auto company in 1994 to enable quick access to information for labeling or other purposes. Although the QR code was initially used in the manufacturing process to track vehicles, their usage has evolved and they are often used in consumer marketing applications today. Most often, companies use QR codes to drive customers to their website or a specific online application. Our team, however, devised a tool that takes QR application to the next level, pairing it with Artificial Intelligence to create a truly responsive solution that drives sales whenever the customer is ready to interact, regardless of store hours or staff availability.   


When engaged by the telecom giant, our objective was to drive increased revenue by providing every consumer an easy way to self-steer and purchase their services–online, on the phone, via chat, or in-person. We would do this by leveraging each retail partner’s brand recognition and NEXT’s innovative digital and digital-leveraged tactics.


Faced with staffing challenges at the retail partner locations, we needed to develop an easy and intuitive way for customers to connect with the telecom provider even when a sales agent wasn’t available. We didn’t want the customers to simply land on a static informational webpage; we wanted them to connect in a way that would allow them to complete the transaction on their terms, at a time and place that was convenient for them. 


NEXT’s MarTech experts built the QR Scheduler tool to enable that personalized yet automated sales connection point. The tool—in conjunction with traditional signage and phone and text options—allows customers shopping in big box retailers to engage with the telecom’s services and products on their own time, at their own convenience. After scanning the code, the customer receives a customized message asking them to opt in to a communication model that uses AI to interact with the customer and drive them towards a sale. The communication is immediate, intuitive, and easy to use. 


The following exchange represents a typical customer interaction using the QR Scheduler technology. This connection initiates when the customer scans the QR code on site in the store. If the customer prefers not to continue the chat, they can easily opt out, and they will not be contacted again unless they opt in again.


QR Scheduler 2

QR Scheduler 3

The communication is intuitive, flexible, and allows the customer to control the interaction at all points.


Our team had an intimate knowledge of the macro-level challenge and the micro-level solutions that would allow us to execute a successful sales strategy. They were able to build a tool that not only seamlessly integrated into the nationwide marketing strategy for this telecom company, but was also flexible and powerful enough to adapt to other needs. We’re currently successfully implementing the same technology for new clients in new industries.  

If you think your business could use the QR Scheduling technology, let’s talk. Scan or click on this code to set up an appointment with us! 

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