How Does Info Pixel Work?

  1. We generate a unique pixel each website or application.
  2. The pixel is placed on the website using tag manager.
  3. The pixel swiftly identifies the device ID being used by prospects, tracking their website sessions. Info Pixel gathers consent-driven data for the device, creating a comprehensive list of your website users.
  4. Info Pixel promptly delivers updated contact list to our Customer Relationship Management system.
  5. We utilize this data for omnichannel remarketing — including email, social media, direct mail, and more.

How does Info Pixel use content-based marketing?

Every device that visits a website comes with a unique device ID. Info Pixel identifies this device ID and provides instant access to consumer data, including contact details, browsing behavior, and over 100 data categories. Surprisingly, over 60% of consumers have consented to share this information, encompassing email addresses, mailing addresses, age, income brackets, and more. Info Pixel centralizes this data, enabling the creation of a comprehensive 360-degree view of these potential customers, empowering highly effective remarketing campaigns.

Is Info Pixel different than a cookie?

The cookie landscape is changing rapidly. With Firefox and Safari already abandoning third-party cookies due to privacy concerns, Google Chrome is set to phase out such cookie-based marketing by 2024. Given Chrome’s widespread usage, the full extent of a cookie-less marketing era is yet to unfold. With Info Pixel, we’ve embraced cookie-free technology and employ a consent-based marketing approach. This means that users willingly grant permission for their data to be used, addressing privacy concerns effectively. This enables the creation of a far more impactful remarketing strategy, delivering welcome impressions to over 60% of business-to-consumer site visitors.

Info Pixel Email delivery rates

Email deliverability can fluctuate depending on the industry. However, as a general rule, emails that are automatically triggered in real-time based on website visits tend to have higher deliverability rates compared to traditional lists, even meticulously curated ones! Info Pixel contacts, being first-party data, are always up to date. This means that email campaigns sent to contacts generated by our pixel encounter fewer deliverability issues, such as bounces and opt-outs. Furthermore, Info Pixel’s data is consistently updated and appended daily to ensure continued relevance and accuracy.